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Jump across big skyscrapers and feel the power!

Height Jumper is a Parkour Running Stylized game, where you embody Poweon, a mysterious parkourer!

Poweon has to collect all the powerspheres in order to maintain his incredible capabilities. But he has to face the heigth he decided to challenge.

With Poweon's powers you will feel free and migthy!

So let's jump!

First 3d game I made with Unity. Prototype with 3 levels.

Please, consider to leave feedback comments.


Height Jumper.zip 42 MB


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here is another feedback for one of your games.

Things I liked:

  • Skyscraper models look good.
  • Character looks decent and has cloths physics.
  • Decent landing animation.


  • The overall brightness of the game is too much. You can not see some objects due to the crazy brightness. White is really dominant because of that.
  • You never tell people they have to collect the balls. In the first level I did only get to the top of the radio tower just to find myself not completing the puzzle. Only after also collecting the missing balls the level was completed. This info should be given since the info about the level would be completed if you reach the top of the radio tower is not correct.

Cheers CitrioN

Is it like a sort of security error?

Can you be more specific, please? :)

When I tested it in my computer, it showed a security error from Windows Defender. But I simply skipped it and it worked. Although I don't have Mac,maybe you have a similar problem.

Sorry for my ignorance, but please have mercy. I'm only a beginner.


I cant play the game everytime i press launch this comes up: 

An error occurred while launching Height Jumper

No executables were found

please help, im using a mac