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Are you searching for a simple western game, that lasts very few minutes?  Have you ever thought about cowboys with special powers?

Every day lots of new games are released, but very few of them set in the old wild west. You know some AAA very good western games, but you are always searching in the web for little games, that you can appreciate and think "Athough it's an indie game, it's not so bad". And you are starving for western games, cause you love them so much.

So, Burning Cowboy is here for you!!!!

In this very small game you play as a special cowboy, who has the power of FIRE.

Go across the valley and reach the village. Defeat with your burning powers those bad coyotes. You can hear the crackling of the flames  of their ashes and feel the heat passes through your arm, while attacking with an hot blaze. But be careful not to fire all the village houses!

Are you ready to fire?  Download and enjoy Playing!


1) Who made this game?

This game is made by SamllFast, an aspiring game developer, that wants to do experience so that one day he will make games for living.

2)What's the quality of his game?

Since he's only a beginner and he's self taught, the quality is not very high, but it can be at least enjoyable as you can see in his old game Height Jumper ( you can search it on this site).

3)How does this game last?

Burning Cowboy is very very small. There are two levels, that individually requieres about 1-2 minutes to complete.

4)Is it a waste of time?

If you are searching for high quality games or well-refined games, maybe this isn't for you. But I can give you a simple and acceptable gameplay experience from which you can have some fun!

5)Do I have to pay in order to play?

No, the game is totally free. But it will be nice if you write a little feedback in the comment so that I can learn from you and improve my skills.

Now Go and Fire!!

Published 83 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Low-poly, Magic, Western


BurningCowboy.zip 49 MB

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